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Custom Work

All of our skull rings and skull pendants can be personalized, but we are also able to create fully custom designs. To inquire about custom prices, please fill out our custom estimate form.


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These designs are one-of-a-kind and do

not appear in our store.

Why do people wear skull rings?

All skull people have one thing in common, no matter how different they may seem on the outside. Our clients all create meaning in their lives. On some level they understand the power of symbols, and the skull is the original symbol for human. Before the first stick figures scratched on a cave, before stone tools or weaving - our ancestors placed our bones. 


The skull is the original symbol for human. 

Who wears Deadringers?

Our people ride hogs on the open road. They are musicians, artists, perfomers and freaks. They are husbands and wives. They win races on the weekends in cars they build themselves. They work in offices. They travel the world prospecting for oil or gold. They work outdoors. They work indoors. They wear Versace. They wear leather. They wear suits. They wear LARP costumes. They play sports. They play video games. They are international models. They are serious players. They are comedians. They are men. They are women. They are young, they are middle, they are old and they are normal to themselves and different to everyone else.


Everybody dies one day, might as well get on with life in your own way.


Memento Mori.


Whats with the skulls?


The skull, as presented in our work, is a symbol of humanity. Of individuality. Of uniqueness and similarity. Our physical life as people, families, communities, societies, cultures, and nations is defined by the similarity in our skeletal structure. Ultimately, we all share bones. Everything beyond that is just layers of dressing. 



"We all share the same bones.

Everything else is just fashion.

Fashion fades... bones remain."






Old-school techniques and processes mean every item has slight variations and changes. Our pieces are everyday heirlooms that become a part of their owner in life and are passed on after their death. It is one thing to have grandma's ring tucked away for sentimental reasons. It is is another entirely to wear our pieces every single day through the rough and tumble of life and become part of the legend of your story.


Handmade to order


When we make rings individually to order in our forge, they take on a power that you won't get from walking into a mall. There are millions of skull rings out there in the world. There are only a few hundred custom Deadringer skull rings. It is unique to you and the meaning you give it.

Deadringer custom skull rings and jewelry have inspired our competitors who have copied our designs for the last 15 years - something we are proud of. In a world where computer design and 3d printing have seen a proliferation of cheap designs and mass-produced knock-offs, we are real Jewelers producing classic hand-carved skull rings in a variety of original styles. Have a look at our custom work gallery here.


Every single Deadringer custom is an insight into the human wearing it. 

They seem like expensive skull rings compared to other sites.


We are the top shelf. If you have arrived this far on the page, then you most likely have already owned cheap market skull rings when you were younger or even pricey branded skull rings from fashion labels. We have been making our rings by hand for 15 years, before internet drop-shipping from China or 3d printing.


If you compare the amount of silver and gold used in our work, the detail of the work, the finish and care and result, you will not easily find the equal.


And if you are a real collector who owns pieces by the handful of skull ring artists in the world making real rings, we welcome your enquiry about your very own piece.


You are welcome to read our testimonials section, if you get through all of that and are still not convinced that we create something special, we will happily put you in touch with one of our longtime patrons who loves to discuss their collection. We create symbolic objects for people who have something they wish to be reminded by, not fashion junk. 


How do you price custom items?


In some cases, engraving, finishing, texturing or carving could all accomplish a similar, yet different effect at different price ranges. Because these items are based on our core range, we retain the right to re-sell the design in limited numbers in order to keep the cost of the original down.


Ultra Customs


Our Ultra-customs are pieces created from scratch to the customer's design. Some customers can also pay extra to ensure they are the only person in the world to own that design. This price reflects the real cost of working to create custom items, rather than the discounted price of our core range.


Deadringer Ultra-customs increase in value the moment they are purchased, and we advise clients to update their insurance to include the item. Should it be stolen, we are the only people who can replace it. Even so, it will not be the exact ring. It will be 2.0. They are one-of-a-kind.


Individual rings for individual people


There really is no way to do justice to the experience of owning our unique jewelry. By wearing our pieces, you will be noticed. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, Deadringers stand out. This is heavy, solid, symbolic jewelry - not for shrinking violets.


Many of our Ultra-custom clients have returned year after year to add to their collections, and we look forward to those who wish to join our house and create something meaningful or valuable for wearing, collecting or passing down as an heirloom.


We didn't know it when we started, but we are in the business of memories. We all age, we all die. But there is a life to be lived in the meantime.


Memento Mori.


Tell us your story.


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