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*shown here in Polished finish with rolling 8-ball eyes


The Crazy 8-Ball Skull Ring came about from a chance encounter with some very cool ceramic 8-ball beads.

  "We gotta have those, but what the hell are we going to do with them?" 


After many months of trials and tribulations we settled on this Crazy 8-ball design. It is available only in our polished Classic Skull Ring style, in limited sizes and in limited numbers. This is because...

  1. Only the Classic allows enough room for the 8-balls to spin acceptably.
  2. Finger size impacts directly on successful ball spini-ness.
  3. We’re not sure if/when we'll find these beads again, so can only offer this style while product is in stock. 

The 8-balls are designed to rotate as you fit the ring to your finger, so at any time you may have one, both or neither completely visible. This is intended to appear a little crazy…and drive you nuts. 

Available in Polished finish, no smaller than a size US10. 

Crazy 8-ball is shipped in a pine coffin. 

  • Solid Sterling silver with 8-ball rolling eyes
  • Available polished finish only
  • Approx 40 grams dependent on finger size
  • Please allow for a wide band


Our Crazy 8-Ball Skull Ring is also;

  • Available in solid Sterling silver 
  • Customizable with engraving
  • Available on our payment plan - pay off in up to 24 weekly installments
  • Hand-made to order - please allow 6 -10 weeks for production or enquire about urgent orders
  • Free International Shipping!




  • All our rings are hand-made to order to the size specified
  • We recommend that you get your fingers professionally sized for rings by a retail jeweler
  • If you would like to purchase and do not know your ring size yet, please choose 'I don't know' from the ring size options - we will hold your order until you can have your finger sized properly
  • If you know your ring size, please be advised that with WIDE BAND rings, we will size the ring up from your regular ring size to allow for the bigger band to come over the knuckle
  • With slim ring types, we will make to your specified ring size

Crazy 8-Ball Skull Ring

  • Metals available Sterling Silver, Enquire about others
    Finishes Polished
    Weight 40g


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