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Privacy Policy | Deadringer Jewelry 2019

This voucher can be used to pay for custom work. Please make sure that you have filled out our estimate form and we have contacted you before purchasing custom work vouchers. 


You can choose the value of your voucher and the amount - for example $200 = $100 x 2 etc.


If you wish to pay $125, you would add a $100 voucher to the cart, then add a second $25 voucher to the cart.


Please only purchase after you have filled out the custom estimate form and we have been in contact with you. 


Step one - fill out our custom estimate form.


Step Two - We will contact you to discuss with you your custom piece and confirm the price.


Step Three - Purchase your base design on the store.


Step Four - Purchase custom vouchers until you have paid for the full amount of your ring - either all at once or over time.

You can purchase vouchers all at once, or as your budget allows over time. When you have purchased vouchers to the total the value of your commission, get in touch and we will complete and ship the item. 


Custom Work

Voucher Value
  • Please note that vouchers are non-refundable. If you decide that you do not wish to complete your custom order, you are able to use the vouchers you have purchased so far to spend toward another item from our store.