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Fakes and Copies

Deadringer has been faked and copied the world over, but it is easy to spot the fakes. The easiest way to avoid buying a fake is to buy from us, OR if someone is selling to you, get in touch with us with the persons name and a photo of the item and we will easily be able to tell you if it is the real deal. Most fakes come out of Asia where mass producing in cheap metals makes it easy to take a mold and reproduce with almost slave labour.

If you come across a design that looks like one of ours, we would love a photo and some details. Here are just a few that have been sent to us;

Here is our original Sterling Silver El Diablo demon ring;

Aaand here's the fake;

Ha ha ha! Not really the same thing is it? Here's another fake;

And here is the real thing;

Deadringer Diablo Sterling Silver Ring

See the difference? The copy is still a cool ring, and if you bought it from the site that was selling it, you would still think it was great I am sure. They were definitely happy to take the praise for it on their facebook page.

But the sad truth is, they didn't design it, and the quality is no comparison.

  • See the rough edges on the silver horns?

  • The irregular way the shadow finish catches the light?

  • The proportions kind of...just wrong?

Good on them for trying, we just wish that other makers would get in touch and work with us rather than straight out stealing.

They even used the design in other ways on this man purse thing;

And that is not the only one fakes from the same person. Here is our Pacifica, which has designs reminiscent of the native Maori culture of our own country New Zealand, something that means more to us than a design gimmick;

And here is the copy;

Which would you prefer? These unoriginal fakes go for a third the price of ours - which is easy to do when you just copy someone else's design and use inferior techniques, processes and materials.

Here is our Sterling Silver Speed Demon Skull Ring;

And here is the fake;

Ahem. There really isn't anything much we can do about it, and to be honest anyone looking to buy cheap fakes isn't our customer base either, but it does go to show what people who make original works are up against.

The particular company that made these doesn't seem to be selling them anymore, so it's not a huge loss, but it is never really a good feeling when you come across someone ripping off your work.

If you are going to be a forger, at least do a good job! What is probably the saddest thing is this stuff is made by cheap labour in a workshop where they probably don't see much of the money from the end product.

Here at Deadringer Jewelry, we hand-make everything and every cent goes into supporting our families. So if you do come across fakes, drop us a picture and a line, especially if you see it on e-bay. THAT we can do something about, as they have very good policies on fakes.

Life is too short to wear crappy jewelry - buy something that you will pass down to your kids!



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