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The Keith Richards Skull Ring

What is companion jewelry? Companion is a term that refers to jewelry that is a permanent part of your personal style, something that you wear often, maybe every day, and is synonymous with the way people perceive you and what you represent.

If you want a good example, look at Keith Richard's Skull Ring. Made for him in 1978, this ring isn't just a piece of costume - he is never seen without it. It is so much a part of his character that it is known as The Keith Richards Skull Ring, with many crediting it as 'the original' Rock n Roll skull ring.

The truth is that people have been wearing skull rings and jewelry for as long as people have been making jewelry. (Have a look at the History of Memento Mori for a bit of background).

There are lots of legends about the original Keith Richards Skull ring and there have definitely been plenty of copies, but Courts and Hackett seem to have the strongest claim that they gave Keith the ring at his birthday party and he never took it off. Keith Richards birthday party in 1978 and you give him a present like that? Bet they had one hell of a time, that's for sure!

We don't make copies of the Keith Richards ring, because we don't make copies of anyone's work and we most DEFINITELY would not rip off the work of the original style makers.

If you want to get a Keith Clone, then at least, buy from the originals and NOT a cheap copy on ebay.

If you want to create your own style, read on.

We have been asked many times and we won't do copies of the Keith Richards ring. Or copies of any other ring for a very simple reason - we don't believe in imitation. The original ring was made for Keith and he turned into a part of his own style and image. That is why we make custom rings, because everyone should have the chance to make something for themselves that will last and leave a memory long after they are gone.

You don't need to wear what everyone else is wearing, because you can create your own personal style icon by designing and wearing something that has meaning for you that NO ONE ELSE will have.

Not even Keith Richards.

If he saw your skull ring, and he wanted to get a copy, well of course we would ask you (uh, Keith Richards called and wants a copy of your ring - as if you would say no!) - but the point is money doesn't buy everything.

When you buy a custom companion ring, you have a choice to make it the only one in the world. THAT is what companion jewelry is all about.

Of course, one of kind doesn't come cheap, which is why you can also modify one of our existing rings to make it unique, or even just go for something like our Classic Skull ring, which for over 15 years has been the most anatomically correct ring in the world.

Deadringer Solid Silver Skull Ring for Men

(Above) The Deadringer Solid Silver Classic Skull Ring is a perfect example of a companion ring - something you will wear all the time and come to associate with on a personal level of style and personality.

Even our core range is hand made, meaning no two turn out identical. You can only buy from us, you won't find them in any store - because we make it for you, to your size and requirements.

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